In Review: SJSU Ballroom Classic 2013

The team did very well at the SJSU Ballroom Classic. Congratulations to our team members and alumni who competed: Ali Hammond, Ben Lin, Marie Grap, Colin Keane, Christopher Ellwood, Julia de Moor, Amy Leung, and Khoa Nguyen. One of the team’s many notable achievements was placing 3rd in the Team Match!


Competitors Colin Keane, Marie Grap, Benjamin Lin, and Ali Hammond with their awards for American Smooth.

We also enjoyed seeing some of our alumni, who came to compete and support the team. We love you guys!


Our former president, Amy Leung, joined us as a competitor at the SJSU Ballroom Classic.

As always, the competition itself was an enjoyable experience. There were many great dancers and plenty of inspiration to continue dancing and improving. Thanks for showing us a good time SJSU!


There was no shortage of beautiful costumes at the competition. Check out that dress!

Team Results

Colin Keane & Marie Grap

Bronze American Smooth Waltz – 3rd
Bronze American Smooth Tango – 5th
Bronze American Smooth Foxtrot – 3rd
Silver American Smooth Waltz – 6th
Silver American Smooth Foxtrot – 6th
Silver American Smooth Viennese Waltz – 6th
Bronze American Rhythm ChaCha – 5th
Bronze American Rhythm Rumba – 4th
Bronze American Rhythm East Coast Swing – 3rd
Silver American Rhythm ChaCha – 5th
Silver American Rhythm Rumba – 6th
Silver American Rhythm East Coast Swing – 6th
Intermediate/Advanced Salsa – 4th
Intermediate/Advanced West Coast Swing – 3rd
Intermediate/Advanced Hustle – 6th
Intermediate/Advanced Night Club 2-Step – 3rd
Intermediate/Advanced Argentine Tango – 1st

Benjamin Lin & Ali Hammond

Bronze American Smooth Waltz – 6th
Bronze American Smooth Tango – 3rd
Bronze American Smooth Tango – 5th
Silver American Smooth Viennese Waltz – 5th
Bronze American Rhythm ChaCha – 3rd
Bronze American Rhythm Rumba – 1st
Bronze American Rhythm East Coast Swing – 5th
Silver American Rhythm ChaCha – 2nd
Silver American Rhythm Rumba – 3rd
Silver American Rhythm East Coast Swing – 3rd

Christopher Ellwood & Suzanne Kanavel

Intermediate/Advanced Salsa – 5th

Christopher Ellwood & Brittany Shakespear

Intermediate/Advanced West Coast Swing – 4th

Christopher Ellwood & Ariadne Murdy

Intermediate/Advanced Night Club 2-Step – 4th

Paul Daniels & Amy Leung

Latin Advanced Cha Cha/Samba/Rumba/Jive – 1st


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