In Review: UCSB Beach Ball 2014

For many of our members, this was their first competition ever – great job guys! Below are a few pictures from the competition, as well as the results for our team.


A photo of the extremely talented showcase couple, Nikolai Voronovich & Maria Nikolishina, taken by former team member Khoa Nguyen.


Some of our Rhythm couples taking the floor and preparing to dance. Left Couple: Andrew Skidmore andChristina Howard; Right Couple: Sean Lang-Brown and Sheila Mann; Hiding in the Back: Zachary Hatton and Vanessa Villa


Our president, Zachary Hatton and one of our newest members, Marketa Jelinkova dancing competing in Latin. Look at those smiles!


Andrew Skidmore and Christina Howard dancing at their first competition ever!

Team Results

Colin Keane & Marie Grap

Silver Smooth Waltz – 6th Place
Gold Smooth Waltz – 1st Place
Gold Smooth Tango – 3rd Place
Gold Smooth Foxtrot – 2nd Place

Silver Rhythm ChaCha – 4th Place
Silver Rhythm Rumba – 4th Place
Silver Rhythm Swing – 3rd Place
Silver Rhythm Mambo – 2nd Place

Int/Adv Salsa – 6th Place
Int/Adv Hustle – 6th Place
Int/Adv Merengue – 3rd Place
Int/Adv Blues – 4th Place
Int/Adv Argentine Tango – 2nd Place
Int/Adv Nightclub Two Step – 4th Place

Zachary Hatton & Vanessa Villa

Newcomer Rhythm ChaCha – 6th Place
Newcomer Rhythm Rumba – 5th Place
Newcomer Rhythm Swing – 5th Place
Bronze Rhythm ChaCha – 6th Place
Bronze Rhythm Rumba – 6th Place
Bronze Rhythm Mambo – 2nd Place

Zachary Hatton & Marketa Jelinkova

Newcomer Latin Samba – 2nd Place
Newcomer Latin Rumba – 5th Place

Beginner Argentine Tango – 4th Place

Andrew Skidmore & Christina Howard

Green Rhythm ChaCha – 6th Place
Green Rhythm Rumba – 4th Place
Newcomer Rhythm ChaCha – 5th Place
Newcomer Rhythm Rumba – 6th PlaceNewcomer Latin ChaCha – 7th Place

Sean Lang-Brown & Sheila Mann

Newcomer Rhythm ChaCha – 6th Place
Newcomer Rhythm Swing – 4th Place
Bronze Rhythm Swing – 6th Place

Sean Lang-Brown & Alicia Hammond

Beginner West Coast Swing – 7th Place
Beginner Argentine Tango – 6th Place

Christopher Ellwood & Brittany Shakespear

Int/Adv West Coast Swing – 1st Place
Int/Adv Nightclub Two Step – 2nd Place

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