In Review: UCSB Beach Ball

Congratulations to Cal Poly Ballroom Team members and alumni Marie Grap, Colin Keane, Ali Hammond, Ben Lin, Zachary Hatton, Danyele Rampone, Chris Ellwood, Anne Nakano, and Khoa Nguyen for participating in the UCSB Beach Ball! Everyone did a fantastic job and the team did an excellent job of presenting itself.

I want to give a special shout out to our newest couple, Zachary Hatton and Danyele Rampone, who competed in Waltz, Tango, ChaCha and Hustle! Great job guys, the team is proud to have you!


Zach and Danyele placed 1st in Green American Smooth Waltz & Tango.

The competition featured a beautiful showcase couple, Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva, who are currently ranked #2 in the world in International Standard. The show was, of course, amazing.

Victor and Anastasia

Victor and Anastasia performed the showcase for the UCSB Beach Ball.

Never been to a ballroom competition? Interested in competing or spectating? Contact us and we’ll let you know how you can be a part of these fun and memorable events!


Here are some photos that were taken at the competition.

Team Results

Colin Keane & Marie Grap

Bronze American Smooth Waltz – 5th
Bronze American Smooth Tango – 4th
Bronze American Smooth Foxtrot – 6th
Bronze American Smooth Viennese Waltz – 6th
Silver American Smooth Waltz – 5th
Bronze American Rhythm ChaCha – 5th
Bronze American Rhythm Rumba – 3rd
Bronze American Rhythm East Coast Swing – 2nd
Bronze American Rhythm Mambo – 2nd
Silver American Rhythm ChaCha – 7th
Silver American Rhythm Rumba – 6th
Silver American Rhythm Mambo – 5th
Intermediate/Advanced Blues – 3rd
Intermediate/Advanced Merengue – 8th
Intermediate/Advanced West Coast Swing – 5th
Intermediate/Advanced Argentine Tango – 3rd

Zachary Hatton & Danyele Rampone

Green American Smooth Waltz – 1st
Green American Smooth Tango – 1st
Green American Rhythm ChaCha – 1st
Newcomer American Rhythm ChaCha – 5th

Benjamin Lin & Ali Hammond

Bronze American Smooth Waltz – 4th
Bronze American Smooth Tango – 3rd
Bronze American Smooth Viennese Waltz – 1st
Silver American Smooth Waltz – 4th
Silver American Smooth Viennese Waltz – 3rd
Bronze American Rhythm Rumba – 6th
Silver American Rhythm ChaCha – 6th

Benjamin Lin & Anne Nakano

Silver International Standard Waltz – 1st
Silver International Standard Tango – 1st
Silver International Standard Foxtrot – 1st

Khoa Nguyen & Anne Nakano

Gold American Smooth Waltz – 3rd
Gold American Smooth Tango – 2nd
Gold American Smooth Foxtrot – 3rd
Gold International Latin ChaCha – 2nd
Gold International Latin Rumba – 5th

Christopher Ellwood & April Onstott

American Smooth Championship Overall – 3rd
American Smooth Championship Waltz – 3rd
American Smooth Championship Tango – 1st
American Smooth Championship Foxtrot – 1st
American Smooth Championship Viennese Waltz – 3rd

Christopher Ellwood & Melody Curren

Intermediate/Advanced West Coast Swing – 3rd

Christopher Ellwood & Kyra Bauman

Intermediate/Advanced Merengue – 3rd
Intermediate/Advanced Salsa – 3rd

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