Meet the Team: Andrew Skidmore

Senior Picture 1

Name: Andrew Skidmore
Major: Architecture
Hometown: Oceanside, CA
Officer Position: President, Events Coordinator
Joined: Fall 2014 (Freshman Year)
Syllabus Level: Bronze/Silver

College is a time in your life when anything can happen. You are suddenly dropped into this new pool of people and experiences, and if you’re like me, you most likely have absolutely no idea what you’re doing! In this new an unfamiliar environment you look for something to latch onto, something to ground you. For me, it was the Cal Poly Ballroom Dance Team.

Now most of these bios you read here will tell you that they have been dancing in this style or that style for about…hmm, 12 years or so. You know, no big deal. Well, how should I put this? I’m not one of those people. I had never formally danced before in my life, but I thought “Hey, I might as well try it!” And I did. And I loved it.


Leaving high school, I was the only one from my class coming to Cal Poly. I guess you could say I was completely alone. Not a familiar face in the sea of new people surrounding me every day. The Ballroom Team graciously adopted me and took me in as their own. I went from not knowing a single face, to having an entire family of bright and quirky faces. I may have gone to the lessons out of pure interest and curiosity for ballroom, but I joined the team because of the people involved.


I officially joined the team after the second lesson of my first quarter at Cal Poly. Two weeks later, this nerd and I were trusted into our first ballroom competition.


We had so much fun together with the team and with the new friends we met from all over California that we hardly even noticed the fact that we were slowly suffocating from the clouds of hairspray all around us! I think I speak for the both of us when I say that we had the best time competing in this new world. From then on out we decided to stick together as partners. Fun Fact: She’s also my mustang!

Now I’m here in the middle of my second year at Cal Poly. I have climbed the ladder to be appointed the clubs Publicity Officer and Events Coordinator, as well as a stand in Vice President. Sure juggling a full architecture load and extracurricular activity is difficult, but the people I get to hang out with during and outside of practice make the lack of sleep worth it.


Simply put, the Ballroom Club gave me a sense of belonging and lifelong friends that I would not change for the world.

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