Meet the Team: Sheila Mann


Name: Sheila Mann
Major: Public Policy
Hometown: Irvine (714 represent!)
Officer Position: Team Member
Joined: Fall 2014
Syllabus Level: Newcomer/Bronze

Dance has and always will be a serious passion of mine. I have been a studio dancer since I was a little girl. Styles I have learned along the way include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro-Jazz, traditional Greek line dancing, Bollywood, Salsa, etc. In college, a good friend of mine kept pushing me to go swing dancing with her. I have to admit I did not enjoy my first swing dance lesson at all – mainly because there was over 100 people in the lesson and it was too chaotic for me. However, a few months after that I just went social dancing at a local ballroom in Irvine and I was hooked to Lindy Hop after that. I don’t think I sat down for more than 2 songs the entire night it was so much fun! Most social dancers are really great people and very kind to you when you are first starting out. I think it’s important to dance with a lot of different partners, they each teach you something unique about your style.


Let’s be real here…dancing with a partner is counter-intuitive to me…I have to try hard to be the follow and not “lead” my partner haha I just like doing whatever I want on the dance floor. Although ballet has been my primary style I just started Modern dance. I am in love with the free form of expression and in line with my idol Audrey Hepburn I believe that dance is an expression…a release and there is no need to be cute or formal about it.


That said I wanted to join the ballroom team to push myself into a line of dance that is extremely challenging for me. My goal this year is to compete in as many styles as I can but especially Viennese Waltz. Another reason to jump on the ballroom bandwagon now is that it is very expensive to learn these types of dances at private ballrooms. The material the team is teaching every quarter is being offered at a steal and heck it’s college folks! Time to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself! Everyone on the team is really friendly, if you want to join I would highly encourage you to come out. I love making new friends. So take a chance on yourself and do something new!

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