Meet the Team: Sophia Conn

sophia ballroom dancing

Name: Sophia Conn
Major: History
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Officer Position: President
Joined: Fall 2014 (Freshman Year)
Syllabus Level: Bronze/Silver

When I came to Cal Poly I wasn’t unfamiliar with ballroom dancing. I started dancing when I was in middle school six years ago through a club at my school. I had to take a break from dancing when I became more competitive in swimming during my high school years, but I’m back and ready to go!

During high school I did a couple dance performances for theater and for homecoming skits, but my specialty is in the Rhythm and Latin dances. I took studio lessons for two years in San Jose and loved it, I became quite advanced and made it to a Silver syllabus (basically the third level) but since I did not have a partner or time to compete my first competition was at Mustang Ball last February. I was really excited to be able to compete for the first time. :)

sophia ballroom dancing

Since I know a lot of dances that we teach at the Thursday lessons I’m going to start helping out with the team more; so you’ll see me in the back helping some other follows, at the front desk to check in people and helping teach some of the dances starting this quarter to be a little protege and be able to teach lessons next year.

It might be a little intimidating to dive into this dance world, but everyone on the team is so welcoming and inviting and we all just want to see you dance and have fun! No competition required! The lessons are really easy to follow and the teachers can see if you’re having a little bit of trouble and will come and step in to help you. Don’t be afraid to dance with new people, more experienced or ask questions during the lessons or at the social dance afterwards. Everyone is there to help and it even helps them improve!

sophia ballroom dancing

Come talk and dance with me at lessons and practices. :)

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