Beginning Hustle & Beginning Night Club 2-Step


Lesson Details

When: 5/22, 5/29
Beginning Hustle – 7:00pm
Beginning Night Club 2-Step – 8:00pm
Social Dancing after lessons until 10:00pm
Where: Cal Poly, Room 5-225
Who: Everybody and anybody!
No partner necessary. No experience necessary for beginning lessons.
Cost: $5 for one lesson or $7 for both.
**Spring 2014 Specials**
ALL Spring 2014 lessons: $35
9 lessons: $20

About Hustle

Hustle was originally created in the 1970’s as a line dance, but has since developed into a partner dance. It is a fast, yet smooth dance in which the lady almost constantly turns. Hustle is taught dancing in a slot rather than rotation, and is characterized by its 3 count basic step. The lady spins almost continuously, while her partner leads her back and forth in a “slotted” linear formation. It can be used widely for club dancing to popular 4-count music, as well as to Disco.

Sample Songs:
“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley
“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson
“Staying Alive” by The Bee Gees

Sample Video:

About Night Club 2-Step

Night Club Two- Step, not to be confused with country two-step, is one of the most practical and versatile social dances ever conceived. It is designed to be used with contemporary soft rock (“Love Song”) music. This type of music is common just about everywhere, nightclubs, radio, etc. The rhythm of the dance is very simple and rarely changes from the 1 & 2 count. It’s attractive, romantic, and a real asset to learn since it will be used often.

Sample Songs:
“Lady in Red” by Chris Deburgh
“Apologize” by OneRepublic
“Just a Kiss” by Lady Antebellum


Sample Video:

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