Beginning Quickstep & Intermediate Foxtrot


Lesson Details

When: 4/17, 4/24
Intermediate Foxtrot – 7:00pm
Beginning Quickstep – 8:00pm
Social Dancing after lessons until 10:00pm
Where: Chumash Auditorium, U.U.
Who: Everybody and anybody!
No partner necessary. No experience necessary for beginning lessons.
Cost: $5 for one lesson or $7 for both.
**Spring 2014 Specials**
ALL Spring 2014 lessons: $35
9 lessons: $20

About Quickstep

Quickstep is a lively and energetic dance, characterized by a variety of kicks, hops, skips, lock steps and chasses. Foxtrot and quickstep have a common origin. In the twenties many bands played the slow-foxtrot too fast, which gave rise to many complaints. Eventually they developed into two different dances, slow-foxtrot tempo has been slowed down and Quickstep became clearly the fast version of Foxtrot. The Charleston had a lot of influence on the development of Quickstep.

Sample Songs:
“Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman
“When You’re Smiling” by Frank Sinatra
“Let’s” Face the Music and Dance” by Nat King Cole

Sample Video:


About Foxtrot

Harry Fox introduced the Foxtrot into the mainstream in 1913 in his Vaudeville Routine. As “Fox’s Trot” was embraced by the social dancers of the time, it became simply the Foxtrot. Foxtrot is both, beautiful and romantic, yet playful. It is most often danced to any syncopated 4/4 rhythm. Foxtrot is a great dance for beginners; it feels like a stroll in the park…with some rhythm thrown in. The basic beginner rhythm of Foxtrot is Slow-Slow-Quick-Quick. Higher-level patterns are often danced Slow, Quick-Quick.

Sample Songs:
“A Wink and a Smile” by Harry Connick Jr.
“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson
“Dream a Little Dream of Me” by Michael Buble

Sample Video:

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