How much does it cost?
The following prices apply to Spring Quarter 2018:
For Thursday night lessons
$10 for the whole quarter or $2 for each beginner lesson from 8-9pm
Do I need a partner?

No! Many people do not bring a partner and we rotate partners during class, so you have an opportunity to meet and dance with many different people. However, you should definitely bring along your friends if they are interested!
Do I need Experience?
No experience is needed to take beginner classes. However, we do ask that you have some experience if you opt to take an Intermediate or Advanced class.
What should I wear?
You should wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movement. Dancing is an athletic activity, so dress accordingly. We recommend wearing shoes that are comfortable and that won’t slip off your feet while dancing. Try to avoid wearing heavy shoes or boots. The best kind of shoes are those with leather, smooth plastic, or suede soles that don’t grip the floor too much.
Do I need to be a student?
No! Everyone is welcome to take our classes. For community members lessons are $5/lesson or $25/quarter.
How do I sign up and pay for classes?
You don’t need to pre-register for classes. Just show up! You can pay with cash (preferred) or check. Checks should be made payable to “Cal Poly Ballroom Team”.
What about parking?
Look at our maps page for parking information.




How can I join the team?
Simply pay team dues and show up to practice! It is preferred if you talk to an officer at a Thursday night lesson first. Team dues are accepted at the beginning of each quarter. See the Join the Team page for more details.
Can I join the team without attending competitions?
Yes. However, keep in mind that competitions help you to grow as a dancer and serve as a fun way to get to know the team better, so definitely consider going!




Am I ready to compete?
If you know the basic step of a dance, you can compete! Most competitions have “Newcomer” levels for new dancers who have never competed and have less than a year’s worth of experience. See the Competition Guide page for more details.
At what level should I compete?
There are several levels of dancing in ballroom competitions ranging from Newcomer to Champion. Generally, if it is your first competition or if you have been dancing for less than a year, you should compete in Newcomer and/or Bronze. Please see the Competition Guide page for more complete information.
What should I wear?
Competitions are very formal events and you should dress up. Also, you are strongly encouraged to wear dance shoes, with heel protectors for the ladies. Each style of dance has different standard attire, so please visit the Competition Guide page for more complete information.
How do I register for a competition?
This varies for each competition, but it is typically done online through an event website. It is generally a good idea to consult a team officer before registering online, especially when there is money involved. If you are considering registering for an upcoming competition, please contact a team officer as soon as possible to reduce the risk of late fees.
How do I get there?
This varies for each competition, but typically the team carpools. Please contact a team officer if you would like to carpool to an event or if you are willing to be a driver.
Where do I stay?
This varies for each competition. Typically the team stays at a team member’s house that is near the event to reduce costs.




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