Meet the Team: Colin Keane


Name: Colin Keane
Major: English
Hometown: Simi Valley, CA
Officer Position: Team Member
Joined: Fall 2011 (Sophomore Year)
Syllabus Level: Silver/Gold

I began dancing for the same reason that many guys do: a girl asked me to. Although since then, I have found plenty more reason to enjoy the sport—the crowds, the community, the feel of taking home your first ribbon. Out of all the endeavors I undertook during my college years, I would consider joining the Cal Poly Ballroom Team my most rewarding.


I think the biggest draw for me would have to be the performance aspect of the sport. I dance roughly twenty different dances over the course of any competition, and that means twenty different styles and moods. If you want to succeed in dancing, you’re going to have to really sell it out on the floor. It is in many ways a live stage performance, although you won’t find this amount of hip shaking in any drama class.


My advice for new dancers would have to be ‘Stick with it.’ It can be rough when you’re first starting off, but if you just put up with it for a while, you’ll surprise yourself with what you’ll be able to achieve.


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