Meet the Team: Zachary Hatton


Name: Zachary Hatton
Major: Aerospace engineering
Home town: Sacramento, CA
Officer Position: Competition Coordinator
Joined: Fall 2013 (Freshman Year)
Syllabus Level: Bronze/Silver

Before I came to Cal Poly I always wanted to try to get into dancing but never felt confident enough. Seeing couples tear up the dance floor with such amazing skill can be intimidating for someone who is just beginning to dance. When I went to my first Ballroom lesson with the Ballroom Club I saw that most people there were beginners just like and it made learning to dance a lot less intimidating to get into Ballroom dancing, not to mention that the team was really friendly. After thoroughly enjoying Ballroom dancing I went on to try most of the other dance clubs: Yo Tango, CP swing, and Blues. I have to admit it was sort of an obsession. By the end of my first quarter of Cal Poly I joined the Ballroom Dance team and won first place in four events at UCSB!


One of the many awesome things I love about Ballroom dancing is how each dance has a totally different character or feel to it. Waltz is really elegant and graceful, Tango is sharp and conflicted, East Coast Swing is fun and lively, and the list goes on! No matter what dance I am dancing I get to express a different side of myself and add my own personality to the dance. In particular, I am also very involved with the Yo Tango club, because I like the feel of the Argentine Tango dance so much. Being on the Ballroom team has helped me a lot to improve my dance skills and become a better dancer. It always feels good to hear the surprise with whoever I’m dancing with that I’ve only been dancing for a little more than a year.


When people hear that I am only a second year and president of the club a lot of them are surprised. I was surprised myself when it happened too. I probably wouldn’t have been able to adjust to the president role if it wasn’t for the help and support of the team. Having not only a supportive dance partner but also a supportive team is what makes me keep coming to Ballroom. We as a club try to make everyone feel welcome at lessons and practice and maintain a friendly atmosphere even when it comes to competing, and I aspire to continue to maintain that vibe as long as I am president.


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